Mushroom Park

Milena, Boris and Radek have one thing in common. The destiny did not prepare an easy way for them. They deal with health and sensory problems. All of them are the clients of sheltered housing in Jindřichův Hradec called Okénko (Little Window). However, their lives slowly begin to change for the better. They found a helping hand in the Mushroom Park - the area full of elves, dinosaurs, fossils, winding pathways and full-grown trees.

You can find the Mushroom Park in the municipality of Roseč. It has been in operation for more than ten years, offering amusement and knowledge to visitors. The park is visited by schools, companies and families. It was originally a voluntary project; however, as the number of visitors increased, it was not possible to run it in a free time as a hobby anymore. Therefore in 2016, a non-profit company called Svět Fantazie (Fantasy World) was established, which looks after the park. Because its owners have been working with the organization Otevřená okna (Open Windows) which operates Okénko, it occurred to them that this is an ideal opportunity to provide job opportunities to people who are not able to find a job on their own.

Thus every day, Milena and both boys commute to work by bus. If the weather is nice, Radek and Boris ride a bicycle. Just this means for them a huge move to independence. There is a lot to do on the grounds. They take care of the garden - rake leaves, plant new plants, weed, pick fruit, paint; they also take care of local animals - cats, dogs, rabbits or turtles and they also clean after visitors leave. Milena also tidies the museum of fossils - a unique large collection of different animals and plants from across Europe.

All of them work part time several hours a day only; they cannot do more due to the state of their health. They need a working assistant who tells them what to do and checks their work. Apart from that, they gain work habits and experience which they can use somewhere else as well as being paid for their work. It really means a lot for Boris. Before he was deprived of legal capacity, his relatives took out loans in his name which they did not pay off. Thus, Boris has to pay debts which he did not cause.

Milena had problems with debts as well. She used to have a business but after she had been attacked, she fought for her life. Serious brain injury brought her to the long-stay hospital. She had to learn everything from the beginning. But meanwhile, her small debt increased to an enormous amount. Due to her job in the Mushroom Park, she already paid off her debt and she can finally do something for herself, like going to a hairdresser. It is a natural thing for the majority of the population, but it means a lot to her.

Radek benefits from his job as well. Physical work and fresh air contribute to improving his health and his doctor can regulate his medication. Radek is saving money for a new mobile phone. “Regular work is a huge change for him. It means a regimen, independence, responsibility... They are extremely proud that they can do it and we are happy too,” says Bohuslava Blaas Bérová, the founder of the Mushroom Park.

Operational Programme       Operational Programme Employment
Project name Establishing jobs
Project number CZ.03.2.65/0.0/0.0/16_047/0008965
Beneficiary Svět Fantazie, z. ú.
Realization 1. 2. 2018 – 30. 1. 2021
Subsidy 1 400 000,- Kč



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