“Ozničánek” Micro Nursery - video

“Ozničánek” Micro Nursery 


Many young families live in Oznice, a village in the Vsetín region. They had to deal with combining work and childcare, especially when there was no kindergarten. The Ozničánek Mother Center, which started to run a children's group / micro nursery, offered help. Happy children and parents as well as a thriving local community are the results.

"The micro nursery in Oznice allowed me to put my two and a half years old child to the nursery," smiles Markéta, mother of little Michal. "The biggest benefit is that we have the micro nursery right in the village, near the place we live, so we don't have to drive our son far." The beautiful new complex accepts children from a year and a half, so parents have the opportunity to start working earlier.


Video is available with Czech/English subtitles

Project name

Micro nursery Ozničánek

Project number



The Ozničánek Mother Center


1. 9. 2019 - 28. 2. 2022



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