Opportunities for Youth

Opportunities for Youth

Denisa Krajčířová was one of the young job seekers who faced a typical problem after graduating from school - lack of practice. "My field of study was Chef and Waiter. After finishing the school I was registered for half a year at a Labour Office, when I got the opportunity to join this project. It didn't even take that long and my current boss contacted me. I have worked for him for a while part-time so my adaptation was even easier. I hope I will stay here as long as possible, because I am really satisfied," she says with a smile.

"The Youth Guarantee in the Central Bohemian Region" project offers young unemployed people from Central Bohemia remarkable opportunity – it motivates employers to give the labour market newcomers a chance. Thanks to salary contributions, employers are more willing to enable young people to gain the necessary work experience.

Denisa collects the dishes from the table and hurries to the counter to serve new customers. "It's not so bad now in the early afternoon. People go to restaurants mainly for lunch. It´s going to be busier later," explains Denisa, watching just a few occupied tables. The tiny blonde is working in a cosy café in the center of Kutná Hora as a waitress for over three months. Even though she is just in the middle of her twelve-hour shift, she seems to be very happy and full of energy. "I really appreciate this opportunity. I will gain a great experience; I have already learned a lot. In addition, I really enjoy it here, also thanks to the great team we have," she confesses.

"Most employers prefer people with work experience, which is often a problem for graduates. Employers hesitate to accept such candidates, because a person without experience must get increased attention and the outcome is uncertain," describes Lucie Havlinová, a project manager from the regional Labour Office in Příbram.

The project aims to help young people under the age of 29 with permanent residence in the Central Bohemian Region, who have a maximum of three years of work experience and are registered in the Labour Office for more than three months. Clients can attend various motivational or retraining courses. Denisa Krajčířová confirms that: “I was surprised by the wide offer of retraining courses. There was plenty to choose from - even specific courses for waitresses. I took a cocktail mixing course, for example," she recalls.

The most important project activity is connecting clients with potential employers. And the project gives employers another good reason to employ a person without experience - it contributes to their salary for one year.

During the professional practice, the project coordinators are constantly in contact with both the employer and the client. They check, for example, whether the employer really trains the client in what was promised.

When both sides are certain they want to cooperate, the project allows to try a part-time job for three months. "The young person is still registered at a Labour Office, but he or she can try what that specific position entails. Some just need to enter the whole working process slowly. It is a great experience for young people who finished the school and have never worked before. Sometimes it's a shock for them, and they do not always succeed. But they gain the practice anyway. However, in most cases the cooperation leads to the full-time job for one year. So employers can receive a salary contribution for up to 15 months while training the young person," explains Lucie Havlinová. Most of the young people keep their job even after the contribution ends. "According to our data, it is true for more than 60 percent of our clients. And others may get even a better job, because they have gained self-confidence and work experience - that one year of experience in their CV is a great advantage and they can even ask for more money," she adds.

"The Youth Guarantee" projects are implemented in every region of the Czech Republic.

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The Youth Guarantee in the Central Bohemian Region

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Labour Office of the Czech Republic


1. 1. 2016 - 31. 12. 2021



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